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Between September 20 and 28 2019, my life has experienced a resurgence of confidence that the world is full of beautiful, creative people, dedicated to art and to others.

The International Art Symposium from Cincsor was not a meeting for me but a recognition of souls I somehow always knew. This was the atmosphere that Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, our curator and friend, created for us in the Guest Houses in Cincsor, Transylvania, where our hosts were Carmen Schuster and Michael Lisske. During this International Art Symposium, I met the wonderful artists Tommy Barr (Ireland), Rithika Merchant (India), Frank Höhler si Christiane Höhler (Germany), Alexandru Cinean (Romania), Cristian Opris (Romania), Ovidiu Leuce (Romania).

Permanently with us, with the welcoming but unforgiving eye of an excellent professional was the cameraman Olimpiu Vuia who immortalized the special moments of life and emotions in the most faithful way. The place chosen, the studio, the surroundings, the intellectual, artistic, cultural emulation and refinement, all these were according to the capacity of each of us to receive and to give. Truly masterful was the way in which Elizabeth chose us, the participants, from different cultures, distant countries, varied artistic manifestations and different generations, so that in the end the exhibition made with our works will show us as a whole. Our hosts were Carmen Schuster and Michael Lisske who create and re-create with dedication, beauty and unwavering devotion this place full of history.