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I feel very honoured of being part of Art Safari Love Edition, where I exhibit my work next to Paul Baraka Marat instalations, under the title „Nymphs and Zombies. Ondine’s Hope and Baraka’s Dispair.” curated by Ruth Hibbard from Victoria & Albert Museum from London.

On the occasion of the Art Safari 2023 event, my works propose an approach to the contemporary woman in my own vision, presenting her as a complex universe of experiences and feelings. I use symbolic elements from the mythological sphere, like a cipher that must be discovered, decoded, as it provides the key to the interpretation of the image. These are elements recognizable over time, archetypal.
I refere to pain, suffering, struggle, internalization, reflection, my art is deeply personal, it expresses my own feelings, respectively answers to the reality in which we all live. In the same time, I constantly want to emphasize the factor of sensitivity, of the depth of inner experiences, sometimes manifest, sometimes internalized in order not to forget a fundamental element of our existence, emotion.